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Oh eternal truth, the silent whispering reality, there is no word to describe you, and no being can really know you, you are the unfathomable mystery behind all life, may I call you the great “Dao” and regard you as the mother of universe.
How will I describe your glory?
Just as one can only feel the warmth and see the light emanating from the sun, without actually seeing the sun it self, you remain unknown and unseen for the seer.

Oh mother of universe all existence rest in your mercy and from your heart emanates the unchangeable and all embracing cosmic law. You are the supreme energy and power behind the immense and boundless universe, whose light and power sustains and rectifies all life in the hall of the eternity.
You are the final point of perfection in the heart of the universe; where you’re compassionate and unmatched divine law brings all life to rest in supreme self contentment.
You are truly the source of all joy and just like a wish fulfilling tree contains all happiness in it self, you alone are the giver of lasting peace and bliss.
Buddha’s, Dao’s and Gods are constantly meditating upon you as the ultimate truth, desiring nothing ells than your wisdom and mercy.
And for those who are wise in this world are leaving fame, wealth and gain behind, since all what they want is a heart pure and bright. Walking the golden middle way with a peaceful heart, wasting no time and energy for the nonessential, they purify their heart through self-sacrifice and cultivation, longing for nothing ells then your gentle smile.
When you smile - all beings awaken and become aware.
When you smile - all beings is full of hope.
When you smile - all realms is rectified and renewed into the most pure and sacred.
When you smile – all divine beings marvel with unparalleled awe, lost in your beauty.
Oh great one, you encompasses everything and is leaving out nothing, with a single smile of yours the colossal firmament of the grand universe is renewed.
Only through entering the mystic gate of divine love into ones own heart and following the clear light, will the path lead back into the innermost core of existence, where one will find your amazing grace.
There the light and glory is dazzling the eyes just like when thousands and thousands of suns would arise, but still at same time it is so soft and gentle.
How can I find word to describe this immense bliss and luminous beauty?
In my astonishment I become silent and am forever lost in amazement.
It is my firm believe that no matter of how high the realm may be of the gods and even less of man, no word can express or describe the clear and transparent light which emanates from your heart, absolute it is a mere word pointing the direction.
But when someone with a pure heart is dancing, singing or reading a poem of your glory, one can feel your warmth and sense you majesty.
Your divine power is in the earth, the water, the fire, the air and in the space all around me.
You give life and breathe to my body, mind and soul, maintaining my existence.
From the day of my birth you were there and gave me shelter and protection.
From the time of my youth until manhood, have I seen your love and kindness in many faces and never did you stop to protect and take care of me.
Many times I have fallen and many times I have done wrong, but you were there and gave me the strength and wisdom to stand strong and go on.
Many times I fall asleep and forgot you, but not for a moment has you ever left and forgotten me.
In my manhood you came to me in the form of various beautiful women, with great love and charm, being sometimes playful and sometimes serious, you turned my head around and filled me with real joy and happiness.
But all as a sudden a woman appeared, she left me alone with a painful longing heart.
In this world of illusion, I suffered so many times because of lacking wisdom, forgetting who I am and the reason that I live.
I learned that one can not hold on or being attached to love, since it is to be found in our own self, in the sense of giving.
Love is not to become a tool to submit the other to him self, but rather it is a self sacrifice which lightens the torch to the higher path.
Love is real and immortal; it is a symbol of equilibrium and a road to the Infinity.
Alas, love is sweater then honey and more soothing to a longing heart then a warm and gentle evening breeze.
It is refreshing and more thirst-quenching then the clear spring water.
Like the sun can never stop in giving light, love can never stop in giving of it self and still it remains ever full.
And like a rustling mountain river never stops flowing, love is ever constant.
It is more vast and unbounded then the clear blue sky, but the more one gets of it, the more one wants.
Love can not be seen by the eyes, and no sound does it give that one can hear and never could anyone grasp, touch or catch hold of it. It forever remains an incomprehensible hidden mystery to all life, but truly no one can live with out it.
As a teacher you came to me in the form of many unfriendly faces, to temper my heart.
But also you came to me in the form of many kind and understanding friends.
Sometimes you appeared before me as heroes, saints and sages like Yue Fei, Milarepa and Zhang Sanfeng.
But one glorious day, indeed for me the most fortunate day, you finally manifested your grace before me, as “the enlightened one” the king lord of Buddha’s, from then on you was my loving father and teacher “Shifu”.
The moment your word entered my heart a new life was given to me and the fire of truth washed my ignorance and many sins away, so I can now endure my life and turn towards a most beautiful and bright future. You kindly gave me the knowledge of truth, compassion and tolerance, so I could redeem my self and enlighten to the path of wisdom.
My body, mind and soul were transformed into an indestructible subtle light and power and skills beyond the physical was given to me.
Alas since the day of heaven and earth, such compassion has never been known to man before.
Ever since then, with the growing of my awareness and maturity as a disciple of yours, is my thankfulness and understanding increasing day by day.
Now I walk step by step to assimilate with the great law for to spread your divine grace and glory.
Oh mother divine, who’s light and compassion is illuminating the whole universe, if I do not live for the sake of expressing your loving-kindness and wisdom, for what sake do I then live?
Now in the days of my manhood I am yearning for a pure heart, since I want to be filled with your strength, kindness and wisdom.
Through the feeling of being left alone over and over again, my heart is painfully longing.
Divine Goddess of the most subtle, clear and transparent golden light, I can not bear the thought ones more of being separated from you. Please do not even for a single moment leave my awareness, come and always reside in my heart as the light of divine love.
Oh beloved, your beautiful eyes is like lotus petals and your divine fragrance is the nectar of eternal bliss.
Come to play and dance with me, let me see your warm smiling face and hear your soft laughter, and I will be fulfilled and yearn no more.
True love is fathomless without beginning and end; it can never be exhausted or change its course, since it has no conditions, expectations and demands of its own.
Its nature is harmony and ever-increasing bliss; it can only find fulfillment it giving of it self since it knows nothing else.
In the face of the nature can one see love manifest in the form of giving and self sacrifice. Just like the sun is unceasingly radiating light and a gentle mountain stream is ever flowing, love flows from heart to heart and is fulfilling our purpose of life.
Love is the most fundamental and mysterious power behind the existence of all life. The one who has the courage to open one self to it will find it in every heart.
I have seen that just as the wind gives rise to the waves on the sea, love gives rise to all life.
To see that the water is the life in the ocean and at the same time to see that it is not different or separated from the waves – that is to see trough the illusion of change and diversity.
To see that the wind is the carrier of the invisible message of love in between all life, and that it bonds us all together in a boundless ocean of ones – that is to see trough all the mysteries of life – it is to see the “Dao".
Love is the soul purpose of life; it is the grand play and joy of the divine, in the hall of eternity.
To forget love is to forget living.
Love is you.
Richard Kleinert 25.10.2005

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