Zi Ran Wu Yi Kung Fu Schule

The image of one's face can be seen in the river, but when gazing in to the water with a pure and tranquil heart one can see so much more than an image.
The water will reflect the boundless sky and its heavenly glory, and when carefully listening to the gentle humming sound of the flowing river, the mystery of life and innermost self will be revealed.
Just like the clear constant flowing water is the ever the same, jet all the time new and changing, the self simply is pure existence, consciousness and bliss. And in its state of being, it expresses life in its most creative and natural form, completely free and spontaneous.

Turning The Law Wheel

The turning law wheel of Buddha’s-light, illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities. Words of light enters through the gates of the body, full of truth and mercy, penetrates every level of existence and saves all life’s to the shore of eternal bliss.
Happiness cannot bring wisdom, but wisdom can bring peace and happiness to all.
To believe or not to believe, is determined by one's own enlightenments quality and accu-mulate virtue.
The one who can believe, protect and cultivate Dafa will be protected and enlighten to Dafa’s grace. With the lucky predestine to come across the higher knowledge of the true way one has to take the chance seriously and treasure it as most dear. The mysterious knowledge of the Dao makes the ignorant wise and gives peace to the sincere seeker and more over it gives inner freedom and the joy of heaven.
Never will it be that light have to give a way for darkness, but truly darkness will fade away for the light. Higher knowledge and principles cannot be understood when colored by notions and habits of ordinary day to day life. And the secrets of heaven can only be revealed to a true cultivator of the way.
The skeptical unbeliever, who has closed the inner eye for wisdom, is bound to suffer his pity ignorance. Do to fear of loss and change he misses the chance to know what is real and everlasting. Blinded by desire of worldly gain and comfort he will truly fail and seek for pleasure and happiness in vain.
Come to reason and know that every one stands alone when facing the redeeming universal law. The grace and mercy of Buddha’s law will save without condition, but the one who is in opposition to the light of truth will surly enter the dark gate of no life.
Chances come but ones and should not be wasted do to foolishness, since luck or bad luck, who knows what in the future will come?
Worldly pleasures fades away like smoke and will only be a weak memory in your last days. Nothing is more precious to man then time, but ones lost, it is lost forever and will never come back again.
Dear friend, why can you not believe, Falun Dafa is the greatest mercy, sins heaven and earth?
Why doubt the good, your own original nature is benevolent and kind. Inherent notion of good and bad colored by self interest is covering your real self, which are pure existence, consciousness and bliss supreme. Craving for proofs will not help you anywhere, since en-lightening comes from within, seeing the truth depends on yourself.
First when the dust is cleaned away from the window, can one see through, what is hidden behind. Likewise the heart has to be transparent and pure, before the light of truth can be known and shine forth in its original splendor.
Cultivation of “Zhen-Shan-Ren” truth, compassion and endurance is the only safe way home.

Richard, August 2005

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